a hoodie and underwear is all you really need to wear tbh


you all are calling justin cute for wearing a scarf but i just can’t stop thinking that he’s probably wearing it cause ms. sel probably sucked the shit out of his neck

HAPPY 15TH BIRTHDAY TO MY FAVORITE PERSON EVER!!!  Viana I love you so much omfomf, we talk everyday and you’re  like a sister to me. HOLY SHIT UR 15. no but seriously I love you so much and I hope you have an amazing birthday and an even better day :) #abel ft.justin squad. ilyilyilyilyilyboo (have a nice shower) ;) everyone please wish her a happy birthday!

ryanbutler: Haha love this. Bizzle performing “butsy” ft heavenly backup vocals #family


bizzle: Still in the studio fuck with me